An index of all of my programming blog posts. I mostly talk about Haskell and functional programming. At some point, I should really curate these into a more usable section. Until then, though, a big ol’ index dump is fine.

Haddock Performance

Deferred Derivation

Family Values

Designing New

Hspec Hooks

Async Control Flow

Quick Memory Trick

Plucking Constraints

Write Junior Code

Sum Types In SQL

2018 Retrospective

Laziness Quiz

ghcid for the win!

2017 Retrospective

Contributing to GHC

LambdaConf 2017 Talk

Using GHC CallStacks

Invert Your Mocks!

2016 Retrospective

Grokking Fix

The Magic of Folds

An Elegant Fizzbuzz

Proving With Types

ANN: QuickLift

Exploratory Haskell

Elm vs PureScript II

Elm vs PureScript I

Recursion Excursion

Unix Is The IDE

Announcing Squirrell


Perscotty Pt III

Perscotty Pt II

Scotty and Persistent

Written with Haskell!

Haskell progressions

On Github Pages

From Rails to Yesod I

Rails, Ajax, and you!

Nested Forms in Rails

If Ruby Had...



A New Position