To Overcome

About Me

Hi! I’m Matt Parsons! I like to ride my bicycle, play guitar, learn cello, and occasionally program a computer. I’m a software engineer, currently doing a mix of Haskell, PHP, and JavaScript at Seller Labs.

I started learning a software in Spring 2014 in my “intro to Java” course at UGA. JavaScript introduced me to functional programming that summer, and Ruby on Rails pointed me towards Sandi Metz and Smalltalk-inspired object oriented design. Haskell caught my interest and I started learning it in earnest in early 2015. Ever since, I’ve been sold on functional programming.

I tend to like abstraction, patterns, extremes in contrast, and going a little too meta. There’s an underpinning to writing music, learning mathematics, and making beautiful programs that resonate with me. Emergent complexity, chaotic systems, and expressions of passion are my favorite things.

I’m a polyamorous bisexual androgyne. These are some of my least interesting and important qualities, and yet they’re some of the most controversial. I prefer to be open about these facets for a number of reasons: My privilege shields me from many of the negative consequences. I can help normalize these things, to hopefully extend the same fortune to others. Finally, it allows the people that object strongly to filter themselves out of my life, so we minimally detract from each other’s quality of life.