To Overcome

About Me

Hi! I’m Matt Parsons! I like to do programming, weightlifting, playing music, and petting my two cats Macho and Tolstoy. I’m currently a student at the University of Georgia working on my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and I’m working as a Haskell developer with Layer 3 Communications.

I tend to like abstraction, patterns, extremes in contrast, and going a little too meta. There’s an underpinning to writing music, learning mathematics, and making beautiful programs that resonate with me. Emergent complexity, chaotic systems, and expressions of passion are my favorite things.

I’m a polyamorous bisexual androgyne. One day, I’d like for that not to be important. Unfortunately, it is, and I’d much rather be public about it and allow the people that object to these things to filter themselves out of my life than find myself in a situation where I can’t be myself. I recognize my privilege in having this option, and I try to use it to extend the same fortune to others.